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CPI SQP Auditor Training
Date: 2022-12-28~2022-12-30 Time: 09:30 - 17:30
Cost: RMB 5800.00
Address: 深圳市龙岗区坂田街道五和大道北4012号元征科技工业园3号楼


A World-Class Vocational Qualification Program for Practitioners
The Compliance Practitioners Initiative (CPI) is a global qualification training scheme for practitioners of cross industries and cross functional roles. Training programs certified by CPI are of the highest industry standard to equip practitioners with the latest risk assessment tools and market knowledge to meet today’s global sourcing needs. Lessons are global in scope with localized focuses to fit the needs of practitioners in different markets. The CPI training courses aim to qualify people with confidence through recognized training, assessment of knowledge and competence-based skills and in turn set the industry benchmark.

Comprehensive Training Programs and Facilities at the Intertek Knowledge Center
The Intertek Knowledge Center in strategic locations was established to provide professional and engaging learning experience to practitioners.

Training Objective

The Program has been developed with a focus on assessment for Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) which is becoming more important in companies across the globe. It provides a systematic and holistic approach to manage product quality and safety.

Course Coverage

Day1: Generic

  • Auditor Introduction
  • Audit preparation
  • Opening meeting
  • Employee interview
  • Document review
  • Facility tour
  • Closing meeting
  • CAPAR & Audit report writing
  • The exam for generic audit follows in the first day

Day2-3: Supplier Quality Auditor Program

  • E-Tool Learning Introduction
  • Introduction of SQP Audit
  • Rules for SQP Auditors
  • SQP Requirements: (Checklist)
    - Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
    - Risk Management System
    - Quality Management System
    - Site and Facilities Management
    - Product Control
    - Product Testing
    - Process Control
    - Personnel Training and Competency
  • The exam for program audit follows in the last day

Award and Qualification

Upon successful completion of the training program and passed the exam, participants will be awarded a certificate of Completion "CPI Lead Auditor Training Course on Supplier Quality Auditor ".

Target Audience

New and existing practitioners whose job duties involve SQP audit, those who intend to seek a career in the auditing industry, and company executives or individuals who are concerned about SQP audit are welcome to join.